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When I discovered that I had to strictly abstain from gluten and dairy due to Celiac disease, I was faced with a dilemma:  I could, A) Panic and dramatically cry out that I am going to starve and mournfully reflect the loss of enjoying pizza, raisin bran cereal, and ice cream, or B) Eat them anyway and face the ulimate consequences of a gastronomical ailment, or C) Find new delicious ways to enjoy gluten, dairy free meals for my family and I.

I chose C.

I cook, not only as a means to sustain life, but as a hobby to explore the culinary art of creating edible masterpieces.  I knew in order to restore my health and regain peace with my body after years of suffering physical distress, malnutrition, and mental blur, I would have to adapt a new lifestyle that would include enjoying a meal without fear.   

So I set out to collect recipes dedicated to a gluten, dairy-free lifestyle, but I was extremely disappointed that most recipes called for an endless list of strange, expensive ingredients and hours of preparation.  Who has the time or money?  Not me, but I was determined not to starve, so I created healthy  recipes that are naturally gluten and dairy free, easy to make, and affordable. From carnivores to vegetarians, chefs to those who burn water, those who can eat anything to those who can't eat gluten or dairy will equally enjoy my recipes.

In my compilation, some ingredients are store-bought items such as gluten-free bread, rice pasta, and some pre packaged sauces, but all the recommended ingredients are nutritious and contributes to a healthy, wholesome lifestyle.  If you are the Betty Crocker of the gluten-free world, please substitute your own baking wonders for the store bought, but for the frugal students, busy parents, and inexperinced cooks, take advantage of the ever-expanding shelves in your local grocery store of gluten, dairy free items.  Stock up with my following pantry list and don't fret over what you are going to eat today.

Remember my motto is:"Heatlhy eating-Eating for life".  Just because you have to eat restrictive diet, doesn't mean you are restricted from enjoying life.

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