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Dairy Free Ingredient List

These ingredients may have the words butter and milk, but they are actually safe. For the evil butter and milk ingredients list, see Dairy and Casein Ingredient List. But make sure they are gluten-free.

Almond Milk

Calcium, Carbonate, Citrate, Phosphate, Propionate

Cocoa Butter, Powder

Coconut Milk, Cream, Oil

Cream of Tartar

Creamed Honey

Fruit Butters: Apple, Pumpkin

Hemp Milk

Nut Butters: Almond, Peanut


Malt Liquor, Vinegar NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shea Butter

Soy Milk

Rice Milk

For product lists visit to purchase a Gluten-Free Guide: A Letter to My Host to show you How to Tell Your Host You Eat Gluten and Dairy-Free

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