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MMM...Gluten-free and egg-free meatloaf

I love meatloaf. I love to mix the dough-meat in my hands. I love to smell the spices as it bakes. And I love to fry leftovers for next-day lunch. But when I found out I had a gluten and egg intolerance, meatloaf was a nostalgia experience of the past.

Until I emerged in my "lab", or fondly know as my kitchen, and set on a mission to create a "safe" replica of my favorite comfort food without sacrificing the taste or texture. With a deathly combination of garlic and BBQ, I proudly announce my new recipe that is included in my Recipes Hall of Fame.

I don't like to brag. Put this time I'm tucking modesty aside to zealously share with you my gluten-free AND egg-free BBQ meatloaf. To see the recipe, link on

Eggs and breadcrumbs are completely omitted, but garlic, BBQ sauce, and other aromatic spices generously compensate the bland-taste of ground chicken.

And who can forget leftovers? The next day I salivated as a thick slice fried in the pan. Too bad I didn't make two loaves. Next time...

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