Scott Adams from the informative website composed this detailed list of the safe and unsafe alcholic drinks. To view reader's post and see what drinks they recommend, link to his site on

Because ingredients in the products are subject to change without notice, Adam says, "It is up to you to verify that the product remains gluten-free by checking the ingredients yourself, or by contacting the manufacturer."

Armagnac - made from grapes.

Bourbon - Makers Mark



Cider - fermented from apples or other fruits. Some are safe, however, many add barley for enzymes and flavor.

Distilled alcohol

Old Deadly Cider

Cognac - made from grapes.




Kirschwasser (cherry liqueur)

Margarita Mix:

Jose Cuervo.

Mr. & Mrs. T.


Club Extra Dry Martini (corn & grape).

Club Vodka Martini (corn & grape).

Mead - distilled from honey.


Jose Cuervo Mistico (agave and cane).

Mixes & Cooking Alcohol:

Club Tom Collins (corn).

Dimond Jims Bloody Mary Mystery.

Holland House - all EXCEPT Teriyaki Marinade and Smooth & Spicy Bloody Mary Mixes.

Mr. & Mrs. T - all Except Bloody Mary Mix.

Spice Islands - Cooking Wines - Burgundy, Sherry and White.

Ouzo - made from grapes and anise.


Sake - fermented with rice and Koji enzymes. The Koji enzymes are grown on Miso, which is usually made with barley. The two-product separation from barley, and the manufacturing process should make it safe for celiacs.

Scotch Whiskey


Sparkling Wine


Vermouth - distilled from grapes.


Wine - all wines, including port wines and sherry, are safe for celiacs.

Wine Coolers:

Bartle & James - their wine-based beverages (EXCEPT their malt beverages - read the label carefully!).

Boones - their wine-based beverages (EXCEPT their malt beverages - read the label carefully!