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The bakery Victory

I'm hungry. No. I am starving. Although I am sitting in a bakery, I cannot eat. Not because I don't have money, but simply because I can't.
I'm on a diet. Not the eat-nothing-get-thin diet, but a eat-and-then-die diet. Ok. So I literally wont die, but somedays the pain I feel makes me feel like I am dying.
You see, I can't eat gluten, which translates I cannot eat anything that has wheat, barely, or rye. A simpler translation: I cannot eat anything in this little bakery hosting crumb topped muffins, buttery scones, and colorful frosted cupcakes.
And coupled with my gluten abstinence, have to stay farther away from dairy. Let's just say dairy and I aren't good friends.
Behind the glare of the display glass, the glutinous, dairy-filled delectables are screaming at me. You want me. You need me.
Is this overly obsessive. Yes. But is this necessary. You bet.
I have too busy of a life to fall vitcim to severe stomach discomfort that lasts for hours, even days. And I have my overall future to look out for.
Gluten can create new promblems for me as I age. Osteoporosis, anemia, diabetes, just to name a few.

Pondering over my options between sacrificing a day of my life as a bedridden slum or walk away as a proud woman defeating my inner cravings, I choose to retrive from the quizacal stare of the baker and shuffle to the far corner of the bakery, waiting for my three friends to join me with the airy donuts and fresh baked cookies.
As they sit next to me with their irresistible looking sweets, I slip out a gluten-free nutritional bar and discreetly eat the fruit based, nutty "cookie", satisfying my sugar craving. But who am I fooling? The taste of dates linger on my pallet as I watch the remnant of a chocolate glazed donut stuffed in my friend's mouth.

One of my friends looks at me and comments on my superpower strength to withstand eating gluten.
Another wished she was like me.
And between bites, my other friend said she really admired me.
I had to smile. So here I am envying their ability to inhale anything their sticky fingers can grab, and they envy my ability to put my hands in my pocket and walk away.
And you know what? I'm proud of myself, too. Today is another victory.

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