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The dreaded Endoscopic Procedure

Friday March 26, 210 6:15 am
Sigh. I am leaving in fifteen meetings to the hospital for an endoscopic procedure. Not how I want to spend my Friday off from work, but nonetheless, it needs to be done.
Needless to say I didn't receive any shut eye last night; I woke up at every hour hopping I wouldn't sleep in and miss my 7 am appointment.
Am I nervous? Not really. Of course it didn't help that I watched an episode of House Tuesday (we were catching up on our DVRs) and wouldn't you believe that they were performing an endoscopy and as predicted in drama/trauma shows, the scope punctured the heart. Not real, but a reality check. It is not possible for my heart or any organ or muscle to be punctured, but of course anything else can happen.
But honestly that is not what I am anxious over. It is the possibility that the Doc wont find anything. As morbid as that sounds, I want to hear something. An ulcer, cyst, irritation? You see, I have been suffering chronic pain for nearly a year now. Gnawing burn in my upper Gi, followed by intense bloating of my entire stomach. When an episode occurs, which could occur at any unpredictable time, I would be bent over in a fetal position emerged in my own tears of pain and aggravation.
What is it? I've been to every doctor and received every tests. Nothing. Just stay off gluten and dairy.
Yeah. Got that covered. I also stay off eggs, raw foods, citrus, garlic, onion, and so mnay other delicious foods, but I am still in pain. I could just be drinking water and BAM, I am in pain.
So, yes. I want my doctor to finally say "Here is your problem." Because with a problem comes a solution. But without a problem, I am back rolling on the floor clutching my stomach.

Friday 9:30 am
Well, I made it. I endured the process. I was still drowsy when my doctor explained to my husband that they didn't find anything.
Great. Back at square one.
But I did comprehend in my sedated stage how he thought it was small bacterial overgrowth (SBO) and I need to be under antibiotic therapy.
He has been saying this for the past two years.
I did try the antibiotics but the side effects were just as bad. So, after my husband brought me home, he disappeared to the store for an hour, then came home with a bag full of a natural way combating my SBO. Enzymes. PH balanced water. Goat milk. He has a plan. And I am willing to try it.

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