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The Cake Diaries

Well, I have been working on my new book, an exclusive gluten-free, dairy-free, almost vegan cake bakebook. So,before I put the recipe to print, I test it amongst non-gluten-freers (definition: the fortunate people who can eat anything.)

So this Saturday I prepared a GF, DF, EF carrot cake to bring to a graduation party. Before we arrived, I had my super-taste-tester husband sample a cupcake slathered with thick frosting.

Slowly, he savors the bite. I eagerly waited for his reaction. Another bite. Still waiting. Then a slight grin spread upon his face. "These are terrible," he teased. (I hoped he was teasing.) "Yeah, you can't bring these to the party. They need to stay here so I can eat them all." He tried to keep a straight face as he inhaled the last crumb of the cake.

Ok. I'll take that. I can never get a straight answer from my husband.

So with trepidation, I brought the cupcakes. With boldness I offered them. And with relief, I listened to the positive commendations.

So that recipe was a success. If you want to know the recipe, you just have to wait. . I'll let you know as soon as we are done, maybe in a month or so.

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